Artist in residence Lucila Kenny creates natural dyes from plants

Artist in residence Lucila Kenny has immersed herself in the plants surrounding the Villa and creates natural dyes from everything she could find.

These nine maps (30 x 40cm) were made during my stay at Villa Buitenlust using ink from plants found around the area at this time of the year. Each map will hang on a different sleeping room of the house together with an invitation to an audio-meditative map which translates the atmosphere of living in this place and the actions involved in the process of harvesting those colours from the surrounding. This 8 min audio was recorded and edited together with Reinout Verbeek and is recommended to be listened to with headsets!

After a couple of days when the ink is made, I drop it on paper and let the plants find their own way. This will change in time and I look forward to witnessing the appearance of new shades. The results became dialogues between plants, birds, wind, soil, sun and rain, water, fire, paper, music, myself, and time.

The process of extracting colour from nature.