ADE2021 kapaphoto

Hoe was ADE in Villa Buitenlust?

In oktober 2021 was de 25ste editie van het Amsterdams Dance Event. En Villa Buitenlust deed mee! We hadden twee artiesten geselecteerd die we een prachtige plek boden in onze villa. Vervolgens deden zij weer iets terug voor onze gasten en vrijwilligers. 

Don maakte Radio en Alliz gaf soundbaths. Wat vonden ze er eigenlijk zelf van? 


A unique oasis tucked away in the green of Amsterdam’s Westerpark, Villa Buitenlust is a place of quiet mysteries, of light and shadows, of sunlight breaking through storm clouds, of horses and children and bicycles, of barking dogs and silent rabbits that elude you in the night.  
Its inhabitants come from unknown and unseen walks of life, filled with experiences and hopes, pasts and futures and dreams, gently appearing and disappearing like autumn breezes, and leaves in the trees where wild green parakeets that survived winter call Amsterdam home.  
If walls had ears you could hear stories, like pieces of a puzzle fitting together if only for a moment, when the timing is right, with your ear pressed to the wall and quietly holding your breath. 
Meanwhile curious and remarkable guests from ADE appear suddenly from nowhere and somewhere, near and far, drawn by prospects of radio and the artist, arriving by train and plane to share stories and talk together in the temporary air of 2021. 
Stay tuned for Radio Buitenlust! 


Villa Buitenlust was a magical place and community to make my home at during ADE. Each person who joined my sound bath sessions enjoyed the adventure of discovering Villa and left the space with an immersive sound experience I hope will ripple through their lives.

I am so grateful to have had a time to offer something daily to people, but gifting peace and serenity through sound and bringing people from all walks of life together made this unforgettable.

Thank you for this special time!


Dank voor de mooie foto’s kapha van ADE!